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The Forge has years of experience with training leaders, teams and organizations towards their goal. Building on decades of behavioral research, we maximise your efforts and help you achieve targets!

We offer trainings for leaders. We train them to observe, analyse and act on behavior in their work environment. By teaching leaders how to look at their work environment through the lens of a behavioral scientist, we stimulate their influence and impact significantly. We use data to assess collaboration in their work environment and follow up with data to monitor their progress. That way leaders can see and experience their own progress.

The Implicit Leadership Training: Example Trajectory


The trajectory spans a duration of 6 to 12 months.



We use validated training techniques like peer interaction, social learning, field experimentation, after event reviews and gamification.



For leaders, including both management and mid-management, can enroll in trajectories with a maximum of 12 participants. Parallel groups are also an option.



With monitoring assessments conducted every six months, we follow up the progress of the collaboration quality in their work environment with data.

Our Training Modules

Tailor-Made Training Modules

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An example of how we work

Group Dynamics

Check out what our founder, Michaël Van Damme, has to say about the science behind effective group dynamics.