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The Forge

We Make People Work Together

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You can put 50 top musicians in a room, but that doesn't mean they will spontaneously play a beautiful symphony.

- we came up with this quote ourselves -

Our Mission

Welcome to The Forge!

We enable high-quality collaboration across your organization.

So much time, energy and joy is lost simply because people were never taught how to work together. We want people to find fulfillment in their professional relations. That's why we enable leaders to achieve, strengthen, and monitor high-quality collaboration in an evidence-based way.

Explore the untapped treasures of evidence-based knowledge overlooked elsewhere. The Forge is here to unlock that knowledge for you.

We Back You Up

The Forge backs you up with an evidence-based assessment that results into a collaboration profile. This profile not only shows the state of collaboration in your organization, it also gives a clear indication which efforts are needed to reach high-quality collaboration.

We Help You Out

Want to go one step further? We help you out by supporting our collaboration profile assessment with an in-house training program tailored to your needs. That way your leaders learn how to become an expert in the science of working together!

We Jump In

Want to step it up a notch? Sure! We jump in and start with an assessment of how people collaborate in your organization. Using that, we develop a tailored collaboration change trajectory where we combine scientific interventions with interactive workshops. So sit back, and let us make sure that your people work together in the best way possible!

Customer Experiences

We worked for several years with the Forge. And the reason for that is quite simple. They combine an evidence based scientific approach with a lot of humor and authenticity. And we experienced that it's really appreciated by our entrepreneurs. And it also helped within our own organization with a cultural change. They know what they're talking about.

UNIZO Limburg, Director

Initially, I was skeptical about the Forge. I doubted whether it was possible to scientifically identify a company's pain points, but it turned out to be exactly what it accomplished. The analysis clearly shows the areas for improvement within the practice, allowing us to effectively address them.

Dierenkliniek Herckenrode, CEO

An excellent approach, scientifically supported and also presented with humor.

Fruitsnacks, CEO

Fantastic! A highly interactive session with the opportunity to discuss business matters, interspersed with playful games and intermezzos. A wonderful combination that successfully encouraged our group to communicate openly. Great job!

Datalink, CEO

Particularly instructive, with a unique approach that distinguishes itself from the usual business consultancy.

Level 27, CEO

The measurements are superb, providing a wealth of valuable insights, enabling you, along with a group, to look ahead like a mastermind for the strategic growth of your business.

Solut HR, CEO


Via de KMO-portefeuille kunnen kleine en middelgrote ondernemingen tot 30% subsidies aanvragen bij Agentschap Ondernemen voor opleidingen en advies die bij The Forge Group worden ingekocht. Noteer dit is enkel geldig voor ondernemingen waarvan de maatschappelijke zetel in het Vlaamse gewest is gevestigd.

Ik doe mee! Bel ons en ontvang onze digitale brochure met de mogelijkheden, prijslijst en informatie over het gebruik van de KMO-portefeuille. Belangrijk is dat de steunmaatregel KMO-portefeuille van VLAIO enkel geldt voor bedrijven die voldoen aan de volgende criteria.

De erkenning als dienstverlener wordt gebaseerd op de kwaliteit van de activiteiten, ervaring, klantentevredenheid, integriteit en uiteraard ook de kennis van de nieuwe norm. The Forge Group heeft in 2023 succesvol het certificaat behaald. Tot en met 2028 zijn wij geregistreerd dienstverlener van de KMO-portefeuille voor de pijlers Opleiding en Advies.

Ons registratienummer voor advies: DV.A222914
Ons registratienummer voor opleiding: DV.O246589

Voor meer informatie omtrent subsidieaanvragen via de KMO-portefeuille klik hier.