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The Forge

Science Infused Creativity

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Who We Are

We're your R&D cell behind the scenes that helps you achieve behavioral and cultural change

“So here’s your culture. Now push this button and… congratulations! You’ve just changed your culture.” Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Sorry to break it to you, but it’s not that simple. Culture is not only a fluffy concept that’s hard to pin down. It’s also unclear how you can actually change it. Luckily there’s decades of scientific research on topics like behavioural change, innovation and culture that could help you out. The thing is, that knowledge has mainly been lying in the basements of our universities for the past decades.

We’re changing that. The Forge is a Ghent University spin-off with years of experience in translating and applying behaviour. Not in a boring, dry, academic way. But in an accessible, down-to-earth and concrete way.

So why wait? Get in touch and we help you reach your full potential!



Count me in! Give us a call and receive our digital brochure with our complete menu, price list, and information on how to use the KMO-portefeuille. Importantly, VLAIO's KMO Portefeuille support measure only applies to companies that meet the following criteria.

Via de KMO-portefeuille kunnen kleine en middelgrote ondernemingen tot 40% subsidies aanvragen bij Agentschap Ondernemen voor opleidingen en advies die bij The Forge Group worden ingekocht. Noteer dit is enkel geldig voor ondernemingen waarvan de maatschappelijke zetel in het Vlaamse gewest is gevestigd.

De erkenning als dienstverlener wordt gebaseerd op de kwaliteit van de activiteiten, ervaring, klantentevredenheid, integriteit en uiteraard ook de kennis van de nieuwe norm. The Forge Group heeft in 2023 succesvol het certificaat behaald. Tot en met 2028 zijn wij geregistreerd dienstverlener van de KMO-portefeuille voor de pijlers Opleiding en Advies.

Ons registratienummer voor advies: DV.A222914
Ons registratienummer voor opleiding: DV.O246589

Voor meer informatie omtrent subsidieaanvragen via de KMO-portefeuille klik hier.

Ghent University

The Forge is a Ghent University Spin-off

There's tons of evidence-based knowledge on topics like innovation, behaviour or cultural change. On how to stimulate change. On what works and what doesn’t work. The knowledge is there, but it got stuck in the basements of our universities.

We liberate that knowledge for you!