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What We Do

The Forge

So... why should you make use of our services?

Well… because high-quality collaboration in your company also means better team performance (e.g meta analysis Hulsheger et al., 2009),
more innovative outcomes (e.g meta analysis Anderson et al., 2014),
better organisational performance (e.g meta analysis Bowen et al., 2010),
more job satisfaction & engagement (e.g meta analysis Frazier et al., 2017),
and less turnover (e.g. meta analysis Rubenstein et al., 2017).

The Forge is an ideal R&D cell behind the scenes that helps you achieve high quality collaboration!

We back you up

The Forge backs you up with an evidence-based assessment of how people in your organization work together, and what efforts can be made to reach high-quality collaboration.

We help you out

Want to go one step further? We help you out by starting with an assessment to analyze where there is room for improving high-quality collaboration. Next, we develop an in-house training program tailored to your needs so that you become an expert in the science of working together!

We jump in

Want to step it up a notch? Sure! We jump in and start with an assessment of how people cooperate in your organization. Using that, we develop a tailored collaboration change trajectory where we combine scientific interventions with interactive workshops. So sit back, and let us make sure that your people work together in the best way possible!

Don't just take our word for it

Customer story

"The Forge was commissioned by the United Nations to collaboratively develop a game aimed at raising awareness, supporting developing countries on their journey.

The team was extremely professional, creative and delivered a product of extremely high standards. The collaboration went smooth through joint design and thinking and resulted in a perfect tool which we aimed for.

I would highly recommend The Forge for their professionalism, creativity, ability to listen to the client and strict delivery standards. Already looking forward to new collaborations!"

- Inge Jonckheere, Forestry Officer, FAO of the UN -

The Forge is a spin-off of Ghent University

We found out that there is so much evidence-based knowledge on the science of working together, on what works and what doesn’t work in companies and how to stimulate it. We know so much about it, but this knowledge is stuck in the basements of universities.

We liberated some for you!