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SDG game

An evidence update

SDG game

"What did you do back then, anyway?" One day at least one of your grandchildren will ask you that question. How are you going to leave the world for them? Well, the "Wolf of Wallstreet”-way of chasing profit without considering the consequences is changing. However, it is not always easy to see how your organization can make a real contribution to the world. For that the United Nations came up the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). With the SDG game you learn to use these goals as a brainstorm tool. A handy guide to think up solutions that will literally make the world a better place. Even if only in small steps. After 3 hours of playing, you are not only familiar with the different SDG's, but you are also full of inspiration on how to use your work to make the world a better place for your grandchildren.


2 hours minimum - expendable up to 1 day


Game can be played physically (live) or online (experienced technician and professional studio)


Up to 20 participants per facilitator



Additional 3 hour brainstorm possible