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We don't need no boring workshops

The best way to learn new information or master skills is not by attending dull workshops or taking part in yet another tedious seminar. Research shows that you will acquire knowledge much better in an interactive way. That's why The Forged developed several business games.

The Forge bundled decades of behavioural research into techniques, tricks and interventions that are integrated in each business game. The goal is to maximize the chances for the participants to take steps towards your desired culture change. All of our games can be played in real life as well as online.

Looking for a game that is yet to be developed? Contact us. The Forge is an ideal R&D cell behind the scenes that helps you achieve the desired change.

Additional Information

All of our games can be played in English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Norwegian.

Working from home, or looking for team building with a globally spread team? No problem! The Forge uses professional equipment so all of our games can be played in real life as well as online.

Still not convinced? Check out our gallery below!

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Contact us and achieve behavioral change through games. We exist solely to help you make your business succesful

The Forge is a spin-off from UGent

The Forge is a spin-off of Ghent University. We found out that there is so much evidence-based knowledge on creativity and innovation, on what works and what doesn’t work in companies and how to stimulate it. We know so much about it, but this knowledge is stuck in the basements of universities.

We liberated some for you!