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Culture change consultancy

In these turbulent times, organisations need to continuously adapt to the changing environment. Changing behaviour as an organisation is not something that comes easily. It invariably takes time and energy. Just two things that are often in short supply. Magical solutions are unfortunately not available.

During a culture change, The Forge supports the organisation or team with well-founded analyses and through co-creation comes to concrete action plans. The Forge supports the management team to develop a sustainable solution so that behavioural change can be realised from within.

How can we help you?

Changing behaviour or an organizational culture is not easy. And to be honest, there are no magical solutions. But, with some insights from behavioural science, some data and a creative approach, we might get there.

Tell us your change challenge and together we will work out a an approach that fits your needs.

How we would do it

Effective brainstorming

Check out what our founder, Michael Van Damme, has to say about the science behind effective brainstorming (video is in Dutch).